Female Expressions Exhibition Opening at Queen Street Gallery

Female Expressions is an exhibition curated by the hugely talented Jocelyn Prosser. It features work by female artists giving ‘a unique and deeply personal expression of the female condition’, revealing ‘the strength and fragility within the female psyche’.

I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to contribute to this exhibition, and feel very proud that my art is sitting next to work by such wonderful female artists. My pieces explore the female form as medical subject, drawing from my PhD research, which examines the conceptualisation of mood disorders as a diagnostic category, and my own experiences of living with bipolar disorder. These pieces analyse the female experience across medical cases, literary texts and events within my life, examining ideas such as manipulation of the female body, agency over identity, and battles within delusion.

‘Gaia: Bipolar, Psychosis and the Rotting Body’ – pen and ink pointillism contrasted with layers of coloured pencils.
From left to right on the top and bottom shelves: ‘Bodily Restraint is Imperative’, ‘Alice and Serpent’, ‘Weaving Voice: Shroud’, and ‘Protect the Title’ – pen and ink artworks mostly using a pointillism technique.

The exhibition will be on show at Queen Street Gallery until March 2nd, I would love to hear your thoughts if you go along! https://queenstgallery.co.uk/future-exhibitions


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