Drawing Sensory Overload – World Mental Health Day

As it’s World Mental Health Day I wanted to share another of the pieces I’ve been working on that relates both to my master’s work and my own experiences living with bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depression. This is one of the pieces that will be a part of a collection depicting different symptoms – I find that people are often surprised when learning about the number of symptoms experienced on both ends of the bipolar spectrum, so I hope using my voice through my art will be beneficial in getting people thinking and spreading a bit of awareness.Eye
This is the first in a series of pen and ink drawings looking at sensory overload. I have tried to create an image that depicts how sensory overload feels for me, this piece looking specifically at visual experience. Sensory overload was also described frequently by physicians in the nineteenth century medical case notes I have been researching, so I have kept these notes in mind while drawing.

As with the other drawings I have been working on based on my experiences and research, I will give more detailed descriptions of each on my blog when the full collections are complete. This will include more information about nineteenth century observations and treatment, as well as more explanation about my experiences with the different symptoms I’m drawing from. This is just a taste of the collection, but I hope you’re interested in the art and the thought behind it.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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