Bipolar Disorder and Medication

As some of you may know, Gareth is running the Cardiff Half Marathon tomorrow for the wonderful charity Bipolar UK. For his story we put together a post that tries to overturn some of the post common misconceptions about bipolar (also known as manic depression), and this article explains a lot of what I touch on in the post about the massive difficulty of finding medication that works. As I mentioned, even if sufferers are able to find a combination of medications that really help, guidelines state that this can only target around 40% of the condition. This article shows how difficult it is to target the issue of medication, and how, in trying to find something that helps, those with the illness often end up suffering more because of the severity of side effects, and the general lack of understanding about how these medications affect your brain chemistry.
This again shows how important the work of Bipolar UK is, because unfortunately the budget for mental health services in the NHS means that you can be on waiting lists for years for the type of therapies you actually need to target most of the condition, and even though medication will be prescribed, psychiatrists are simply unable to see patients frequently enough to ensure that they aren’t having severely adverse effects.
Gareth is running for someone close to us who manages this illness and who has received incredible support from Bipolar UK. If you have any money to spare for the charity that would be amazing, but even if not if you can take five minutes to read through our post on his story (on his Just Giving page), or to have a read through this article then that would be amazing. Part of the work Bipolar UK do is trying to raise awareness and end the damaging stigma around this illness, so if you can ever learn a little more about the realities of conditions like this, that’s a great amount of help in itself. Unfortunately half of the battle for sufferers is the incredibly unfair and just outright wrong stereotyping, so raising awareness and educating is one of the best things we can all do 🙂
Thank you! 🙂
And also thank you so much to those who have donated – Gar has gone past his target thanks to all of you wonderful people! 🙂

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